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9 Conversation Starters to Bring Up When Youre Getting to Know Someone

Conversation Starters – When you first meet someone, you may be unsure of what to say. Teens may be difficult to approach and converse with. They may not want to upset you or become famous. They may also be shy and not want to get to know people at school. But if you ask them a few good questions, you can quickly build rapport and make friends.

Helpful questions

A great way to get to know someone is to ask them questions. These questions can help you learn about a person’s personality and opinions. This will also help you break the ice and begin a productive conversation. However, be careful not to ask questions that are too personal.

For example, a simple question about the person’s family can give you an insight into their upbringing. Another example of a useful question is about money. By asking about how they spend their money, you can learn about their values and their willingness to spend more. These questions can also help you learn more about a person’s goals in life.

Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are great to ask to spark a conversation with someone. Closed-ended questions, on the other hand, can lead to closed-off responses. After all, people often prefer to talk about themselves without feeling like they’re being judged. Asking the right questions can open up your conversation and give you a better idea of what the other person is like.

Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters

One of the most important things to remember when asking open-ended questions is that you are not forcing the other person to answer. Unlike closed-ended questions, open-ended questions give people more freedom to express their opinions. In addition, they can create a deeper, more fulfilling conversation between the two of you.


When getting to know someone, one of the best conversations you can have is about traveling. Travel is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and you can use this topic to strike up a meaningful conversation. People love to talk about their passions and interests, and you can use this topic to explore more about your coworker. You may even discover something you have in common with your coworker that you can discuss further.

One of the best ways to strike up a conversation is by asking a question that your new acquaintance will be able to answer. This way, you can make them feel comfortable and get to know you better. You should also make sure you listen carefully to their answers so that you can dive deeper into a topic you both find interesting. If your conversation partner feels uncomfortable, change the subject to another topic. You never know when the other person might start talking about something completely different.


If you’re looking for conversation starters when getting to know someone, consider talking about your pet. Everyone has their own opinion about pets, and pets can be a great conversation topic. Talk about what pets you grew up with or what you hope to have someday.

Values in a friendship

When it comes to forming a friendship, values are an excellent way to deepen your connection. Values are not only personal, they also reveal how someone lives their life. By asking someone about their values, you’ll gain insight into what motivates them and what drives them forward every day. To begin exploring a person’s values, start by asking hypothetical questions. These questions will allow you to explore the person’s personal philosophy without being too confronting or intimidating.

Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters
Social norms

Social norms are generally unwritten rules of behavior that provide predictability and order in a group. Humans strive to follow these norms so as to gain approval and belong. Breaking them can result in disapproval and possible exclusion from the group. As such, social norms are crucial to society’s functioning. Most people try to follow these norms, but there are exceptions.

Norms shape people’s needs and preferences, and they are rooted in a shared set of beliefs and expectations Conversation Starters. Normative beliefs are often conditioned by observable behavior, but people may also choose to do things to conform to social expectations. People acquire these norms through socialization, which is a process in which people learn to behave in specific ways. Normative beliefs are an important component of social norms, and they are reinforced through repeated interactions with significant others.

Asking “how are you?”

This is a simple, yet effective conversation opener. It shows that you are interested in your prospect and their life. It can be used anywhere from a networking event to a birthday party. And because it can be modified for different types of events, it’s a great choice no matter what you’re talking about.

Asking “how are you?” is one very simple way to start a conversation, but it can be extremely effective. It’s not too personal, but can reveal a lot about your personality and your priorities. Whether you’re dating someone for the first time or trying to build a relationship, there’s always an easy opening line that will get the ball rolling.

Conversation Starters


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